Our Story – Portland Bowling Club


Founded in 1881 Portland Bowling Club was originally located in what is now the Municipal precinct of the city. 

 In 1968 Portland Bowls Club moved to its present location on the cliff top overlooking the picturesque Portland Bay.

 Our club has a quite unique location, as demonstrated by the fact that, as we play bowls and spend time with friends, both old and new, we are able to enjoy the panoramic vista of Portland Bay.

We enjoy the privelege of million dollar views from our rinks as we observe the locals chasing tuna, or even see the whales as they pass by in the distance during their seasonal migration along the coast, as well as watching the dolphins and seals as they play.

Yes we really are in a “very special” environment that allows us to contemplate the everchanging nature of the sea while enjoying a game of bowls?


 Our history – 1881 – 1981 Centenary Souvenir


Club Smoking Policy

  Smoking is strictly prohibited in the clubrooms. Smoking on and around the greens is also strictly prohibited, except for those areas signposted as Smoking Areas.